Marint Consulting is a specialized Consultant and Export Management Company that can provide you the most cost-effective way for you to reach new customers all over the world.

For international growth you need to think about exploiting global business opportunities, not just exporting.  Some of those opportunities may be in the form of Joint ventures with foreign companies, co-investing in international manufacturing and distributing operations or other types of strategic alliances such as marketing and or product bundling. Other areas to consider are technology licensing, consulting know-how or even bartering products. These strategies are the corner stone that successful companies are implementing to service and prosper in an ever more commutative international market place.   

International business development  is no longer an option. It is an integral part of today’s business.  Successful companies must develop an organized, proactive export marketing campaign to find the international business needed to maintain growth and remain competitive in future years.

Selling to foreign customers who desire your products is no longer an adequate export strategy in today’s world-business economy.  In an increasingly competitive world market, companies are expanding their international marketing efforts at great speeds.  Either you conquer other markets now or, in time, you will have to compete with businesses that will arrive from all over the world to seize yours.

Marint has complete knowledge of the technical aspects of international operations including all types of export documentation, permits, licenses, letters of credit, export financing, and has the multi lingual personnel to communicate world wide in many of the world’s most often used languages.

Marint has been responsible for the successful introduction and management of exports of consumer and technical products to all major markets around the world. 

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