International Business Development Consultants


Marint is a team of experienced, innovative professional members with a passion for developing and improving businesses.  Marint’s management consulting and entrepreneurial expertise combine to deliver a powerful set of services to our clients and new ventures. We build successful companies, products, and services, developing initial ideas into market realities.

Market driven companies want to create excellent customer value. They realize that the value proposition can be measured and managed which leads to higher sales, customer retention, and loyalty. Our customer satisfaction surveys go well beyond traditional surveys. Our marketing research systems are based on proven systems and are used by companies on an international basis.

Marint provides a comprehensive set of services to all type of public organizations and Private Institutions.

We begin each assignment with a deep discussion of the issues facing the organization and how its leadership hopes to improve its capability to grow and increase sales and profits. With the organization’s needs understood, Marint provides the expert on each field to solve the issues.


International Consultant Network.

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Network Team Approach