International Business Development Consultants


Successful marketing starts with a complete evaluation of the product, the potential market, and the competition.  As part of our services, we analyze all of those areas in order to propose a comprehensive marketing plan that will:

  1. Examine the strengths and selling features of your products and the acceptance of them in other countries.

  2. Probe your current marketing program and identify the elements which may be transferable to foreign sales activity.

  3. Study in detail the strengths and benefits of your products and determine the best way to market them overseas.

  4. Estimate carefully and setup the appropriate export goals and objectives.

  5. Determine if the product will fit into the potential markets while taking into account colors, styles, sizes, demand for your articles, and pricing.

  6. Assess your manufacturing capacity in relation to the potential sales and distribution possibilities.

  7. Evaluate your product presentation in comparison to the requirements of foreign customers.

  8. Conduct a complete investigation of your competition from national and international suppliers.


Strategic Planning for better results

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Product Analysis