International Business Development Consultants


As part of the marketing process, we will work with you to prepare your products and sales program for the International Marketplace.

In cooperation with your advertising agency or marketing department, we help to develop catalogs, price lists and other necessary sales literature.

We study and recommend the best method of marketing your product, which could be:

  1.   Commission Agents

  2.   OEMs

  3.   Stocking Distributors

  4.   Dealers

  5.   Direct Marketing

  6.   Joint Venture

  7.   Reciprocal Training Agreement

  8.   Strategic Alliance with Local Factories

  9.   Acquisition or Merger

We work together with you to prepare a sales program that includes:

  1. Packaging

  2. Promotions

  3. Trade show schedules

Our experts professionally prepare the sales correspondence and work to locate and maintain a list of prospective customers.

We revise and update your current Sales Conditions, Freight, Shipping, and Payment Policies. If necessary, we recommend and implement specific procedures for your protection.


Product Analysis

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Better Product Preparation