International Business Development Consultants


We help create new international business for our customers by developing strategies, implementing programs, promoting, marketing and when necessary managing exports for them. For over 30 years we have successfully executed international marketing strategies based on analyzing the demand for our customers offering in markers around the world, and tailoring the products or services for export to the actual demand. Then we find or develop the right distribution channels and investigate other business strategies such as Joint Ventures, and/or Strategic Alliances with foreign distributors or manufacturers.

This strategy allows us to develop a successful and  specific marketing plan for each customer by positioning their products within targeted countries. Our services can help you increase your sales and profits by developing international markets for you.

We have the knowledge and capacity to be very effective when dealing in other countries, due to the complete understanding of the social and business customs of other nations. Our experience allows us to to adapt equally well to the habits, canons and traditions of other cultures, while at the same time, meeting the requirements of the American standards of doing business.

Due to many years of working in other countries overseas, our team has established many fine contacts in business and government circles. In addition, we also possess the experience to develop new contacts when needed.  


Growing your business Internationally is not an option, it is the only way to prosper in today’s global economy.

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