International Business Development Consultants


A good marketing program requires continued service and support. Customer service is a vital part of our strategy for successful marketing.  As part of our ongoing support services, we will:

Follow-up on all export activities. On a continued basis, we ensure that all orders are shipped correctly; that the export documentation is as required; that the shipment was received by the customer; and that payment has been made to you.

Meet with you on a continued basis to keep abreast of the activities and results obtained in our marketing effort of your products, as well as feedback from customers.

Keep you informed of all our research into new markets, and share information about new competing products and any business information regarding the competition.

Monitor for new products entering the market that you may want to acquire for re-distribution or incorporate into your national marketing program.

Maintain a database of all types of prospective customers for your products in all countries where your products are marketed.

Continue to explore new business opportunities for you. As times change, there are always new activities and  developments that you may want to take advantage of, such as Strategic Alliances or Joint Ventures.

Collect and make available to you any marketing information we may collect from time-to-time within the industry . Items we look for are: catalogs, price lists, promotions and  technical information about the market and the competition.

Gather statistical information that may prove valuable for future marketing decisions, and maintain the reports for continuing reference.

Conduct periodic evaluations of agents, customers, and other business partners.

Keep all international customers informed about your new products and services and supply them with catalogs, price lists and other printed materials  as they become available from you.



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All of our services have one goal in mind,

“Develop Customer Excellence .