International Business Development Consultants


To make money is a company’s obvious goal.  Expanding total sales means increased total profits. In the United States, about one out of every ten manufacturers is an exporter. Some 10,000 small firms, those with fewer than 100 employees, are currently exporting goods.  It is fair to assume that the export business continues to thrive because it is profitable.

International marketing is no longer an option — it is an integral part of today’s business.  Successful companies in the 90s must develop an organized, proactive export marketing campaign to find the international business needed to maintain growth and remain competitive in future years.

Selling to foreign customers who desire your products is no longer an adequate export strategy in today’s world-business economy.  In an increasingly competitive world market, companies are expanding their international marketing efforts at great speeds.  Either you conquer other markets now or, in time, you will have to compete with businesses that will arive from all over the world to seize yours.

Exporting often extends the life of a product which might be nearing the end of its sales growth within the United States, and the favorable exchange rate makes your products more attractive in international markets.

Foreign orders are one of the best ways to leverage-up earnings.  Once the break-even point is reached with national sales, nearly every dollar of export sales goes to the bottom line.  Exports produce additional customers and this means greater annual sales which translates to greater profit.


Why Export?

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Exporting creates additional revenue and progits